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PlayVimo App

PlayVimo is an IOS app to help teachers (e.g., kindergarten, elementary, ESL, Special Education, PE), practitioners (e.g., SLP, OT, PT, BCBA), and parents with creating video modeling (VM) to teach various skills to students.

The name of PlayVimo is from "Play Video Modeling". The verb "Play" was combined with the first syllable of "Video" and the first syllable of "Modeling". The user-friendly features of PlayVimo allow users to create various Vimo projects easily and quickly.


No special skills are needed to create Vimos. You can just create Vimos as you take photos or create videos with your iPhone or iPad.


No extra steps (e.g., editing/inserting photos or videos) are needed. Just take photos/create videos and then use Vimos.


When you create Vimos for a student, you can use that for other students. Students can also play Vimos as many times as they want.

Video Modeling

Video Modeling

What is Video Modeling (VM)?

Video modeling is showing videos to learners to copy the behavior presented in the videos. VM is based on Bandura’s Observation Learning theory (1961). Researchers indicated several advantages of using VM: replicating real world situations more closely than any other interventions (Haring et al., 1995) ; reusing as many as teachers or students want (Mechling, 2005); and motivating students and providing them multiple examples (Goo et al., 2016).

Videmo Modeling

Video Modeling is a Research-Based Practice.

A number of studies examined the effects of using Video modeling (VM) and the results indicated that using VM is an effective means in teaching various functional skills to students with IDD (Goo et al., 2016; Mechling et al., 2016; Smith et al., 2013).

Teacher-Created Vimo

Teacher-Created Videmo Modeling

What do videos mean to kids?

These days, kids have fun through videos, such as Youtube and TikToc. In addition to it, they learn through videos.

Teacher-Created Videmo Modeling

What Skills Do We Need To Create Video Modeling with PlayVimo?

No worries. You already have skills needed to create VM. We believe that most of you take pictures ad create videos with your phone like your kids photos, or selfi. Also, you many of you have social media and sometimes upload photos and videos. If you do this, you are ready to create VM projects with PlayViMo - Hooray~

7Cs Strategy

The 7Cs Strategy (Goo et al., 2020) is a strategy consisting of 7 steps to guide educators to create their own Instructional Technology Materials (ITeMs), such as video modeling, using portable smart devices. Each step provides educators with directions for creating ITeMs aligned with their fictional/social skills instruction for students.

7 words beginning with ”C” are used for each step: (1) Choose, (2) Conduct, (3) Create, (4) Combine, (5) Construct, (6) Craft, and (7) Coach

Step 1 - Choose a skill to teach.

Step 2 - Conduct task analysis for the chosen skill

Step 3 - Create videos/photos/text using PSDs

Step 4 - Combine the videos/photos/text

Step 5 - Construct a data collection sheet/tool

Step 6 - Craft simple lesson plans (if needed)

Step 7 - Coach students on how to use the material

About Us

We, David's Dream LLC, are educators as well as programmers. Our knowledge and experience in both fields are integrated into PlayVimo for students, teachers, practitioners, and parents.